Embroidered Ferret House Sigil

It’s Renaissance Festival season and for my birthday celebration I wore my latest creation to the faire!


I’ve wanted to tackle making a corset for many years. The last I’d attempted to sew one it was a self drafted mess I’d thrown together in my teens. I also really wanted to sew a costume that was based off my own ideas, color palette, etc. instead of a recreation.

I was heavily inspired by the embroidery work on the costumes on Game of Thrones, and I really wanted to design my own “house” sigil that would decorate the back of my corset. I purchased basic outdoor fabric with a color palette that I was really digging.

I had purchased the pattern Simplicity 3809 months back (because those 5 for $5 pattern sales are hard to resist) and started by making a muslin copy of the corset. Once I’d figured out all the piece sizes I assembled the outer layer of the fabric so that I could complete the embroidery work first before sewing in the lining of the corset and boning.

I have really been neglecting this blog, BUT I have not taken a break from projects whatsoever! I’ve been heavily into cross stitch this past year, and have attempted a couple embroidery laden costumes. I completed another costume with embroidery over the summer (that I need to get my progress shots posted).

On that past project I had sketched out how I wanted the embroider to look and then transferred it to the dress. I sketched out the embroidery design with scribbled directions of how I wanted the thread in the embroidered piece to lay. Since I had the back of the corset assembled, I measure the fabric, and enlarged a scan of the sketch to the size I wanted to sew. I then transferred the sketch with graphite paper to the fabric (which ended up being a huge pain).


The inspiration behind my “house” sigil is my beloved ferret Noodle. Are words are “As Swift as Shadows.” What a fearsome lady to behold!


Once the design was transferred to the fabric, I hooped it up (9 inch hoop I believe) and started by stitching the outline of the ferret in brown thread, so it would not be a huge deal if my pencil lines disappeared. I then began layering up different varieties of browns and cream colored floss to make the appearance of fur on the embroidery.

All and all, I probably spend around 15-20 hours on the embroidery. I worked on it for two weeks, and most of the time was my hour lunch breaks at work! It was such a pleasing process, seeing the critter build up onto the fabric.

For the last bit of decoration, I outlined the design in maroon floss and golden glass beads. Since they had been lying around from another project I never finish, why not add some shine!

The final piece:


And finally the sultry bard, dressed in her house garb!


The remainder of the costume (skirt and blouse) were fairly simple projects that I completed over a weekend. I used plain muslin for the blouse and then dyed with tea leaves to better match the corset. The skirt I had found a lovely sweater knit and sewed it to drape over the red cotton lay beneath.

I can’t wait to wear it again to the faire in just a couple more weeks!



Springtime Cosplay + Cross Stitch Update

Over the past month I have been plugging away at a few projects. I always find it great to juggle between projects. It keeps my motivation fresh, and I have something to jump to if I’ve had a screw up, or a bad day.

Near completion on my Sailor Mars costume to wear at ACEN 2017 next month. The fuku is complete, along with gathering all my accessories. I am very excited with how this costume has come along. All the connecting pieces either pin or snap in place, and the skirt is connected.


I need to manage the puckering around the “V” shape on the front of the skirt. I had added horsehair braid to the bottom of the skirt and wow did that make the thing shoot up. I’m thankful that I was able to seam rip the material out and save the hem.


The shoulders and hip rolls were a bit of a challenge. I attempted to use foam and fiber fill batting, but it left them both looking lumpy. I went out and grabbed some quilt batting and was extremely satisfied with the result.

I had purchased some gloves off Amazon but the quality and shade did not match the white of the chest. I got a new pair at a local costume shop here in Columbus, Ohio. I just need to add the glove rolls and this costume should be complete!

I purchased my tiara and earrings from Catzias Collectables on Etsy. The tiara is crafted beautifully! Made of real brass and so delicate looking. I will most likely fasten to the wig for stability (and I have a large head). Below is a link to her store:

CatziasCollectibles Etsy

For the wig, I usually purchase my cosplay wigs from Arda, but lately they have not had any of the items I am looking for in stock. So I thought I’d give Epic Cosplay wigs a try. I am SO excited about this wig, the fibers are super silky. I think I may have permanently switched over to Epic!

I went with the Purple Black fusion color, in the Persephone style. The added color will stand out so much more than solid black. Also, Rei has a lot of purples in her hair.



In just a few more weeks I’ll have the final costume assembled. I can’t wait to take some photos with the Sailor Scout group! Once I have the gloves completed I’ll need to do a try on session, maybe snap some pics.

Also, in my ACEN Costume line-up I am working on a Nadine Butler Cheerleader costume from Twin Peaks. Be on the look out for progress!!

One last little update, since I am still chugging away on cross stitch during my lunch hour at work. I’ve finished another line of characters on this Twin Peaks cross stitch. One more line of characters to go, and possibly adding some text and a border to the piece.

I have more details in a previous post regarding the source:


Hopefully I’ll have this completed by the May 21st Season 3 premiere! (which is the same weekend I’ll need the costumes done for. Time to be productive!)

Until next time– when I have more progress to pander about.

Kira – The Dark Crystal WIP

I have been slowly working on my latest costume creation, from my favorite movie of all time, Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal.

This project is planned to take me a few months in span, since the 9-5 day job exhausts me from time to time… I plan on wearing the base of the dress to the Ohio Renaissance Festival this weekend, and have a more complete costume finished by Halloween. (Including wings and a cuddly Fizzgig!)


I have been working in cotton and chiffon on the base of the dress. I dyed the cotton in various tans, yellows, and greens to get the color I was looking for. Chiffon overlay for the chest I ran over the fabric with thread to create a nice texture. I’ve dipped the dress in dye a couple more times after this photo was taken.


Below are some of the Simplicity patterns I have been working with and modifying for the dress and robe. Both have been very easy to work with, except sometimes I wish you could get a pattern smaller than a size 6. I always have to take in the chest!

Another lovely Arda Wig I will be using for the hair. I have yet to begin the styling process, and sculpting ears. Possibly tonight?!


Bead detail and applique on the front of the dress. More ribbon and sculpted beads will be added. This process has been so much fun, except that chiffon is extremely annoying to work with. Thankfully, I haven’t made too much of a mess…


Flame gem embellishment is so HOT!


With Matsuricon right around the corner, I’ve been adding the finishing touches to my Flame Princess costume. I am very excited to see it all come together. This has been a very stress-free project. Having time to lounge on my couch and add some tedious detailing, makes me one happy woman.


I finished casting the resin gems, sanded them, and added a brief coating of red enamel spray paint for shine. (since I sadly could not get my clear resin casts to cure..) I drilled tiny holes around the exterior of the gem, with a 1/16 inch drill bit, and sewed the gem to the dress with embroidery floss. I also began adding some stitching in orange and red floss around the flame trim of the dress.


Since glass beads are my new favorite decoration, I added pocks of them around the gem and flame trim. I might add some more around the tulle at the bottom of the dress (only if I get real bored this week…)

Next up:  tonight will be a brief styling of the wig and sewing in the second gem.

Also, cleaning up a couple other previous costumes to wear for the weekend. I will photograph and some detail shots for future posts.

For those interesting in attending the convention this weekend, August 19th – 21st:

Matsuricon Information

Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun: An Update

Last night I made a huge jump in progress on my Cinnamon Bun purse for my upcoming Adventure Time costume.


Just look at that adorable face!

The bag is about 10 inches in diameter and two inches in depth. It is constructed from simple felt and foamie squares from the craft section! His face is embroidered, (as my last post demonstrated in detail), sewn, and some parts are fashioned with hot glue.

Image one shows the foamie guts, hand sew together and later made more sturdy with hot glue. The second image shows the depth of the bag. Not too bulky, and will fit my wallet and cellphone nicely for walking around the convention! The third and fourth images show the felt pieces pinned and ready to stitch.


For the little legs and feet I just free-handed outlines on a piece of felt. Stitched, turned inside out, and then sewed onto the body.


The final Bun in all his glory. I am really stoked with how he turned out. Simple project, but I hope it gives a lot of laughs!


The base of the dress is complete. I would still like to add embroidery to the top of the dress with some glass beads. I still have another week before this costume’s debut, so plenty of time for fun detail!

Detail shots of the chest and flames added at the bottom. I just gathered red tulle and stitched along the hem of the dress. The chest sure looks like it is missing the gem piece, right?!

Next time:  frustrations casting in clear resin….

Upcoming Costume WIP Flame Princess

I am impatiently waiting for my day to wrap up here at my job, so I can go home and get some real work done! My current project is another rendition of my favorite Adventure Time character, Flame Princess.

A year ago at ACEN 2015, I joined in on some Adventure Time group cosplay! I originally stuck with the OG FP outfit, with the tall flame hair and long dress. I chose to work with a lot of faux silk / satin fabrics and boy was it a nightmare. Since then, I’ve upgraded to a newer sewing machine that can handled nearly anything I throw at it. Nonetheless, I love what I did with the wig. The dress, not so much.


This time around I’m making her short hair / short dress outfit from “Vault of Bones”!


Below is progress so far. I am using a “vintage 50’s” dress pattern. My mannequin form is a lot bigger than me in the chest, which can be such a pain. Considering this is a strapless dress.


So far to finish the piece I need to:

    • Install the zipper on the left-hand side.
    • Hem the dress and tulle.
    • Add red tulle to create flames at the bottom of the dress.
    • Mold and cast two clear red resin gems for the chest and wig.
    • If I have the time, embroider along the top of the dress with beads.

Last but not least, the best accessory to go with my cosplay:


Cinnamon Bun!!
I am embroidering a small handbag to go along with the costume. Super pleased with how his little face turned out. It will be about 10 inches tall.

Polished photos of the complete project are to come!