Costume Hiatus for Cross Stitching

My hiatus from costumes and sewing is coming to a close. I have kept myself quite busy through these long winter months with a new affinity for cross stitching!

Last summer I worked on a couple costume projects that involved embroidering flowers and faces. To complete the projects I used embroidery floss, and it reminded me of my mother. She used to cross stitch and watch TV when I was growing up. I remember her teaching me how to stitch, and how I’d sneak and use her floss for other projects.

Naturally, since I am a fan of all things geek, I wanted to try my hands at stitching some video game pixel sprites. I got the idea from creating a pixel art gift bag item out of pearler beads. (Those cute beads you melt with an iron.) Unfortunately, when you live with a lot of cats, one of them is bound to make an instant mess of beads. So in comes cross stitching, and the tedious accuracy it requires drives my obsessive compulsive lifestyle wild!

My goal is to cross stitch all 151 original Pokemon, but specifically their sprites from Fire Red. I am not generating any patterns, just printing off the pixel art and stitching from there. I tried to use some pattern generator sites and did just not have any luck.


I’ve set my goal pretty high… my progress so far is 11 completed! I have a Ghastly and Psyduck completely stitched as well, but have yet to add the backing.

Materials:  16 Aida off white and 4 inch wooden hoops. I then am adding a paper backing to the piece with the number.


The array chosen is a little random, I know, but I wanted to stitch the ones I like first… but now I’m going to begin stitching them in the correct order! (My favorite Pokemon is Geodude, by the way.)

Definite work in progress here… but I’ll update as more Pokemon are completed!

Another current work in progress cross stitch piece I have going has to do with my obsession of the show:  Twin Peaks. I’ve been a fan for many years, and am very excited for the upcoming 3rd season.

I was inspired by the pixel art done by Jim’ll Paint It. I have been following his pixel art found here:  Jim’ll Paint It: Twin Peaks


The piece is a lot larger so I’ve been plugging away at it here and there.

Materials:  14 Aida White and 10 inch wooden hoop.


I have been outlining the characters in black thread as they are completed, to add a bit of pop. I’ve also researched some framing methods and matting on foam core upon it’s completion. Just one more row to go!


I’ve really enjoyed picking up this hobby… I’ve found that I really want to stitch any cool pixel spray I come across! Who knows what will be next.


2 thoughts on “Costume Hiatus for Cross Stitching

    • Thank you so much! Currently I have them all in the hoops and I was planning on painting a section of a wall or large frame to hang them all in. Not quite sure yet, but I’ve got quite a ways to go. 🙂

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