Frustrations Casting in Clear Resin

I only have a few things to post briefly about this afternoon, as I have no made much progress on my current project. My day job gets me pretty exhausted some days. I also sing in a band and get a little rowdy at practice on Wednesday nights. I’d like to think I’m working on my self discipline.

I have an extensive history in molding and casting in various rubbers and plastics. I majored in dimensional illustration in college, and have a brief background in freelance toy sculpture. I am not stranger to the chemistry. I love mixing plastic, and am quite proficient at making lasting molds.

The mold I am using to cast for my Flame Princess costume is the same mold I poured for my first rendition of the character a year ago. The mold is poured out of Smooth-On OOMOO 30. It has held up great! It is a simple one-sided mold, nothing crazy.

Among all of the toys and pieces I have cast, I have never dabbled in clear polyurethane resin. I purchased Castin’ Craft clear polyester casting resin a week ago, along with some red Alumilite dye. A week after my initial pour, the cast is still tacky and gooey.


Looks pretty. Definitely do not touch.

I’m pretty bummed about the turn-out. Maybe next time around I will try a different brand, or maybe I’ll get lucky and the casts will harden up over the weekend!


In the mean time I cast a couple opaque white gems, with Smooth On and the Alumilite red dye. They turned out wonderful, with absolutely no bubbles. I’ll paint these up with some red vinyl and a gloss coat.

For the future, I’ll stick to brands I know, and do a little research before buying a new resin. I read quite a few reviews after-the-fact, and most recommend this resin for small jewelry items. These gems are approximately 2×4 inches and an inch in depth, so it might just big of an item to cure.

Trial and error = another learning experience!


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