Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun: An Update

Last night I made a huge jump in progress on my Cinnamon Bun purse for my upcoming Adventure Time costume.


Just look at that adorable face!

The bag is about 10 inches in diameter and two inches in depth. It is constructed from simple felt and foamie squares from the craft section! His face is embroidered, (as my last post demonstrated in detail), sewn, and some parts are fashioned with hot glue.

Image one shows the foamie guts, hand sew together and later made more sturdy with hot glue. The second image shows the depth of the bag. Not too bulky, and will fit my wallet and cellphone nicely for walking around the convention! The third and fourth images show the felt pieces pinned and ready to stitch.


For the little legs and feet I just free-handed outlines on a piece of felt. Stitched, turned inside out, and then sewed onto the body.


The final Bun in all his glory. I am really stoked with how he turned out. Simple project, but I hope it gives a lot of laughs!


The base of the dress is complete. I would still like to add embroidery to the top of the dress with some glass beads. I still have another week before this costume’s debut, so plenty of time for fun detail!

Detail shots of the chest and flames added at the bottom. I just gathered red tulle and stitched along the hem of the dress. The chest sure looks like it is missing the gem piece, right?!

Next time:  frustrations casting in clear resin….


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