Upcoming Costume WIP Flame Princess

I am impatiently waiting for my day to wrap up here at my job, so I can go home and get some real work done! My current project is another rendition of my favorite Adventure Time character, Flame Princess.

A year ago at ACEN 2015, I joined in on some Adventure Time group cosplay! I originally stuck with the OG FP outfit, with the tall flame hair and long dress. I chose to work with a lot of faux silk / satin fabrics and boy was it a nightmare. Since then, I’ve upgraded to a newer sewing machine that can handled nearly anything I throw at it. Nonetheless, I love what I did with the wig. The dress, not so much.


This time around I’m making her short hair / short dress outfit from “Vault of Bones”!


Below is progress so far. I am using a “vintage 50’s” dress pattern. My mannequin form is a lot bigger than me in the chest, which can be such a pain. Considering this is a strapless dress.


So far to finish the piece I need to:

    • Install the zipper on the left-hand side.
    • Hem the dress and tulle.
    • Add red tulle to create flames at the bottom of the dress.
    • Mold and cast two clear red resin gems for the chest and wig.
    • If I have the time, embroider along the top of the dress with beads.

Last but not least, the best accessory to go with my cosplay:


Cinnamon Bun!!
I am embroidering a small handbag to go along with the costume. Super pleased with how his little face turned out. It will be about 10 inches tall.

Polished photos of the complete project are to come!


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