WIP Cosplay: Tyene Sand

Another project I’ve put to a halt to work on another costume! I made it wearable for a Medieval Faire up in northeast Ohio, but then needed a break! This was my second applique attempt and was all done by hand. Unfortunately I did not think to purchase an embroidery hoop, so the fabric got slightly puckered.

Here is an image of the the costume in a “somewhat wearable state”. I would like to re-do the harness portion. The vinyl was cheap and did not work too great with my sewing machine. I also made it the night before going out of town for the festival. Projects never look good when rushed! I absolutely love the wig though. It is the Rocky style from Arda Wigs’ classic collection. arda-wigs.com. So many people believed this was my actual hair, and it also made me miss having a pixie cut, like, real bad.

Please ignore shameless bathroom selfie, I did not have an opportunity to take a better picture of the costume!

Below I’d like to showcase my process of creating the embroidered applique. I still have a lot to learn, but it was an extremely cathartic activity. I am so into embroidering things right now.

Step 1.  Sketch design in pencil and begin first layer of embroidery floss. (Tip: next time use a hoop..)

Step 2. Completed layer of embroidered flowers.

Step 3. Embelish with glass beads

Step 4. Same process for the shoulder embroidery. Final vs. Sketch underneath.

Step 5. Apply applique to the dress base.

I wish I would have embroidered directly to the dress, but definitely wanted to see if I could even tackle hand embroidery in the first place. Looks like I can, right? Next time, I promise, directly on the dress.


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